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18 Nov 2020


Steel Toe Caps Safety boots with steel toe caps contain a piece of steel in the toe area to protect the toes from a number of different hazards in the workplace. Steel toe caps meet the standard European safety specifications of a 200 joule protective toe cap. Steel toe caps offer more flat protection than composite toe caps and

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23 Nov 2020

How can the right safety shoes help prevent slips, trips, and falls?

People often ask:How can the right safety shoes help prevent slips, trips, and falls? Wearing the wrong footwear can increase your chances of slipping or tripping. Injuries due to slips, trips, and falls cost the US billions of dollars each year and are one of the leading causes of lost time incidents. The first step to choosing the

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04 Dec 2020

How long should my work boots last?

Your work boots could last anywhere between several months and several years. It all depends on a number of factors: The quality of your work boots The material they're made from The distance you walk in them The type of surface you walk on How many hours you wear your work boots each day How wel

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18 Nov 2020

Shoe Shank: Everything You Need To Know

 Shoe Shank: Everything You Need To Know Shoe shank are what keep your work boots in shape, as they stiffen the outsoles to give you a stable platform. They’re tucked into the interiors, located above the outer soles at the waist (or center part) of your work shoes. These trusty metal or non-metal shanks are situated right between you

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07 Dec 2020

Why wear safety shoes or boots?

It'd appear like a rhetorical question, but there are numerous reasons why you may pick out or need to wear safety shoes or boots. often a staple of your workwear wardrobe, they’re a sensible and inexpensive manner to prevent harm in addition to hold foot fitness while running in harsh situations. Because of health and safety regulatio

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