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10 Dec 2020

Steel toe cap boots defined

Steel toe cap work shoes and boots are designed to shield your feet from being crushed by falling items or from being punctured through sharp gadgets. Additionally called a safety boot, metal-capped boot or safety shoe, the steel-toe boot is a long lasting boot or shoe that has a defensive reinforcement inside the toe shielding the foot from fal

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10 Dec 2020

What is the Difference? Steel Toe Cap vs Composite Toe Cap Boots

In times long gone with the aid of, the steel toe cap boot was the king of safety footwear, offering protection on creation sites and other industrial settings. then alongside got here a new child on the block – the composite toe cap boot. our clients frequently ask: is one advanced to the opposite?   Each steel toe cap and composi

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11 Dec 2020

​Three reasons every boot should have a steel shank

What precisely is a boot steel shank? certainly placed, the steel shank is a load-bearing piece of metallic (or any other tough, flexible fabric) that is sandwiched among the insole and the outsole of your shoe. it typically sits between the ball and heel of your foot, beneath the arch. you could’t see it, however it’s there to guide

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16 Dec 2020

What is safety shoes – steel toe boot

Your protection supervisor told you that you need to put on safety footwear and you have no clue what it's far? you're a accountable worker and also you want to be extra protected at work, but you don’t realize what to look for? what's a safety shoes? What's a safefy shoes: definition Steel toe boots also are referred to a

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22 Dec 2020

What's the difference between safety toe and steel toe?

Whilst human beings consider safety toe footwear, the first image that involves mind is the conventional steel toe paintings boot. that’s now not a terrible area to start, as many traditional paintings boots encompass a metal toe as a baseline protection standard. but safety toe era has experienced superb innovations as visible in newer fashi

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