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11 Jun 2021

What is reduce resistant fabric?

Product description Cut resistant material is an extremely high overall performance reduce resistant cloth, made from an innovative mixture of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (uhmwpe) and other technical fibres weaved by way of unique high-density knitting machines.   Key packages Reduce resistant cloth has infinite potential pack

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26 Jul 2021

Steel Toe Cap Safety Boots

Metal steel toe cap safety boots and shoes have a heavy-responsibility steel cover cap throughout the toes and feature protected the toes of limitless workers across the globe and are considered the ‘traditional’. to meet Australian OHS standards (AS/NZS 2210.1) they are required to provide protection in opposition to 200j of strength a

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26 Oct 2021

What is shoe shank?

• improves arch support • improves stability • facilitates boot keep its form over time Shanks are a pretty not unusual boot component, and also you’ll locate them in all forms of styles from

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06 Nov 2019

The difference between anti-smashing shoes and safety shoes

Let's talk about the difference between anti-mite shoes, safety shoes, labor insurance shoes and steel shoes: The anti-smashing shoes and the steel-toed shoes are the same type, that is, the safety shoes that protect the toes. Safety shoes and safety shoes are safe for the foot and have the same meaning. There are many types, such as protecti

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06 Nov 2019

Which industries are suitable for wearing piercing shoes

According to "Anti-Puncture Shoes" (GB 12017-1989), the anti-piercing shoes are placed on the steel sheet above the sole to prevent sharp gas and sharp objects from piercing the sole to cause damage to the bottom of the staff. Anti-piercing shoes are used for foot protection to prevent stab wounds from various sharp objects. They are main

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